Roasted Red Salsa

Welcome to my Pinterest blog!  Here, I will be posting my favorite findings on Pinterest and the outcomes of those that I “test”.

Here is my favorite Pinterest find thus far!

Roasted Red Salsa

Roasted Red SalsaI came across this homemade salsa recipe and just looking at the picture made my mouth water!   I didn’t immediately repin the recipe, although I have no idea why.  Actually, I do know why!  I wouldn’t consider myself a “salsa girl” since I usually don’t waste my money on it other than the occasional dining out at a mexican restaurant.  But of course, a couple of weeks later, I had the urge to have some chips and salsa, but didn’t feel like forking over $5 for a jar at the grocery store.  So, I went back to Pinterest for the recipe, and thank God for the search bar!  It had been so long since someone I was following had posted it that it obviously wasn’t going to be on my main page anymore.

After I found the link to the recipe on One Particular Kitchen‘s blog, I wrote down my list of what I didn’t already have at home and off to the grocery store I went!  After collecting the items I needed and picking up a few other things, I headed home to make my salsa.

Now, the recipe calls for 20-25 Serrano peppers for the full recipe and there was a warning in there that this many peppers makes it HOT, so I only picked up 5 peppers from the grocery store.  While roasting the veggies, I started reading more of the comments on the recipe and after some of the people commenting mentioned that even halving the amount of peppers, it was still very hot.  Anyways, I’m a wuss when it comes to hot or spicy food, so I put in only 1 pepper for half the recipe (I decided to only make half of the recipe since I figured it would just be my husband and I eating the salsa).  After taste testing as I was mixing everything together, the spiciness was perfect for my taste buds with just the 1 pepper.

My husband got home not too long after I finished mixing up the salsa and he really liked it when he tried it, so chips and salsa became our meal for the night.  Let’s just say that about a fifth of the salsa was gone that evening!  Before I realized how easily the salsa disappeared, I told my husband that he had to bring some to work since it seemed like I had an overabundance of salsa on my hands!  And then I had to share some salsa when we went to a friend’s a couple days later.  Before I knew it, it’s only 5 days after I made the half batch and it is GONE!

The only complaint I heard from anyone who tried the salsa was that it wasn’t hot enough, and that came from my husband’s coworkers.  So I think when I make another batch of salsa (which undoubtedly will be in the next couple of days) I’ll make a separate batch just for his coworkers and put in the right amount of peppers and see how they like that spice!  Hehe!

So, if you like your salsa, or even if you don’t really care for the salsa you find at the grocery store, go check this recipe out on One Particular Kitchen‘s blog!  You will not regret trying it!


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